MBA's Physical Fitness Mission

If you have reached this portion of the site, you are interested in reducing/preventing injuries or want to become more physically fit! I have created this site because for too long bowlers and people have underestimated the importance of training off the lanes to compete at a high level in our sport. The goals that we have for physical fitness at MBA are:

    1.       Make sure that bowlers are aware what exactly we are repetitively doing to our bodies and how we can avoid injuries.

    2.       To provide bowlers with training programs that mirror any other athlete. i.e. something that is functional in nature to help the bowler to move better and feel better first. Then possibly improve their overall performance.

    3.       Make training fun! 

Preventable injuries are far too common in our sport especially among youth bowlers!! We see way too many young bowlers with wraps on knees, hips, and wrists that can be prevented!! Here at MBA we want to bring you smart and sport specific training programs to bowlers. We want to provide YOU with programs that will help reduce the likelihood of injuries and help YOU train in a safe and effective way.


The goals of our fitness programs are usually centered around improving movement patterns and minimizing dysfunction. Remember bowlers are athletes and the goals of training among athletes is MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY!


Our programs focus on:

    1.       Mobility

    2.       Injury Prevention

    3.       Reducing Asymmetries and Dysfunction

    4.       Functional Strength

Bowling Injury Pathway

Below is a visual representation of the bowling injury pathway. The demands of bowling places repetitive stress on the knees, hips, torso and shoulders. These demands create asymmetries in the body then our body compensates for those asymmetries leading to dysfunction and dysfunction leads to injuries! Here at MBA we want to help YOU reduce your risk of injury and keep you bowling longer!

Training Programs

All training programs are based on an initial FREE consultation which we will get to know you and your goals and if applicable at that time a functional movement screen and functional capacity screen. Based on the results on the initial consultation we will recommend a individualized training program and level that best suits your needs!

Beginner                                    Intermediate                                    Advanced

$50.00 Per Month                                              $90.00 Per Month                                                      $130.00 Per Month

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